The ALTUS series of Centrifugal pumps with high discharge and optimum efficiency 
 Salient Features of the Pumps:
  • Impellers are coated with CRG for long life and rust free function
  • Thermally protected heavy duty motors offer flexibility in operation sustaining wide fluctuations in voltage
  • Dynamically balanced rotor and impeller for trouble free operation and long life of the product
  • Double sealed bearings ensure smooth and noisefree running of the motor
  • The high quality of mechanical seal ensures effective sealing of water inside the casing
  • The motors are available for both Single and Three Phase operation
 Material of Construction
  • Impeller : Grey Iron Castings
  • Motor and Pump : Grey Iron Castings 
  • Shaft :Stainless steel 410 grade shaft for long life
Power  : 0.37 - 2.0 kw (0.5-3.0 HP)
Head    : 6 - 30 m
Discharge : 1070 - 30 LPM
 ALTUS Monoblocks are perfectly suited for
  • Drip Irrigation systems 
  • Agriculture and Horticulture farms 
  • Residential usage
  • Commercial complexes
  • Clear water handling in Industries



The ALTUS regenerative type Impeller self priming pumps are manufactured under strict quality control These pumps are ideal for pumping clean water and boosting pressure in a pumping system.
 Salient Features of the Pumps:
  • Extruded aluminum body for better heat dissipation
  • Thermal Protector integrated with the winding for extended service life
  • The motor runs noiselessly on double sealed precision bearings
  • Class –B insulation allows temperature rise of 80 C
  • The self priming capability of the pump ensures trouble free operation
  • The computerized design of the pump enables working under wide voltage fluctuations 
 Material of Construction
  • Impeller : Forged Brass 
  • Shaft :Stainless steel 410 grade shaft for long life
  • Motor body : Extruded Aluminium
  • Pump : Grey Iron Castings
Power  : 0.37 - 0.75 kw (0.5-1.0 HP)
Head    : 6 - 42 m
Discharge : 3000 - 400 LPH

 ALTUS Self priming pumps are ideal for
  • Bungalows
  • Homes
  • High rise apartments
  • Car washing
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels


ALTUS 100mm ( 4”) Bore well Submersible pump sets offer trouble free operation lifting water to new heights from new depths. The pumps are manufactured under exacting quality control measures to offer longer life and higher efficiency. The computerized design allows varied voltage operation.
The ALTUS Submersible pumps are ideally suited for Industrial and residential use, Multi storeyed buildings, Agriculture and Horticulture farms and Public water supply systems. 
General Characteristics 
Supply Voltage         :      Single Ph 220V + 10% -15%                                               Three Ph 380V +10%, -15%
Speed                           :        2820 rpm
Maxi. Permissible sand in wate  :    25 g / m3 (max) 
Pumping liquid            :        Clear cold fresh water 
Water temperature    :        33 C
Hardness of water      :        300 (max)
Turbidity                      :        50 ppm ( silica scale ) max
pH value                      :        6.5 to 8.5    
Bearing Housing                                       
        Cast Iron    
Ilet Bracket                           
        Grade FG 200
Discharge Outlet                  
        LTB -4
        LTB -4
Bearing Bushes             
        LTB -4
Thrust Bearings             
       Hardened Chromium                steel  vs Graphite                      combination lapped &               ground to the req. size
Counter Thrust Bearing    
       Delrin / LTB 4
       Poly wrapped insulated            winding wire IS 613 :                1984 specification
Rotor shaft and Sleeves    
       AISI – 410 grade
Stator case and Pump Jacket    
       AISI – 410 grade
Impeller and Difuser   
      Glass filled                                 (20%) Polyphenylene               Oxide Rotor End rings               E C Grade Copper
      Stainless Steel
      Stainless Steel
Cable Gland                     
      Nitrile Rubber 
      Electro grade copper PVC         with IS 694 : 199                       specification with polymer       sheathing


ALTUS Open well stainless steel body Submersibles are wet type highly efficient low power consumption models manufactured under strict quality procedures.
Salient Features of Pump
  • Ease of isntallation-no foundation bed required
  • Suitable for Elimination of footvalve and priming problems
  • Fitted with Thermal Protecor to ensure safety from coil burnouts
  • The effective double bearing type construction ensures long service life and vibration free operation is maintained by dynamically balanced components
  • The rotors and castings are coated CRG for longer life and prevent rust
Power  : 0.37 - 0.75 kw (0.5-1.0 HP)
Head    : 5 - 28 m
Discharge : 50 - 150 LPM
ALTUS PUMPS are ideal for
  • Water Circulating Systems
  •  Bungalows
  •  Hostels
  •  Malls and
  • Agriculture

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