ALTUS Solar Submersible Pumps

Low-cost submersibles, intended for pumping lower water volumes from shallow depths with years of trouble-free operation


  • Designed specifically for water delivery in remote locations

  • Can be used to fill an open tank or in a pressurized water delivery system

  • Constructed of marine grade bronze and stainless steel

  • Designed to be installed below the water level in a pond, river or cistern, or ground water well

  • Easy installation, low maintenance, end-user servicable

  • The highest quality submersibles in its class


ALTUS Solar Surface Pumps

Micro Irrigation

Surface Pumps

  • The ALTUS series of Centrifugal pumps with high discharge and optimum efficiency

  • They are ideal pumps for Home Pressure Systems, Sprinkler Systems or In-line Booster Pumps

  • Our centrifugal pumps are very high quality, maintenance free, specifically designed for stand-alone water delivery in remote locations 


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